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There are few occupations nobler than that of serving mankind as a public servant. If you should ever decide that you have the desire, ability, and willingness to take on a sometimes tedious run for office, you might want to talk to our staff at Pointer Marketing. We are veterans in political campaigns, and most importantly, we have a surprisingly high success rate in political campaigns.


Here’s the secret of our success:

We’re experienced marketing professionals. We apply up-to-date research in behavioral psychology, an acquired skill in the art of persuasion, and proven marketing techniques in our commercial programs so it’s no stretch to use this same approach to create successful political campaigns. “How successful” you might ask:


We’ve won 90% of our political races. Of course, there are forces beyond our control that sometimes affect political races; so that’s probably why many of our losing candidates have asked us to help them again.


We handle only a few campaigns for each primary and general election. So, if you should decide to use our services, it would be wise to contact us as early as possible.


Past Campaigns


Sheriff Clarke
Milwaukee County Sheriff
3 Terms


Judge Phil Chavez
Milwaukee Municipal Court


Judge Daryl Laatsch (Ret)
Mid Moraine
Washington County


Judge John R. Storck
Circuit Court, Dodge County


Greg Parker
District Attorney
Shawano County


Sen. Lena Taylor
State Senator District 4


Jim Witkowiak
Alderman District 12


Adam Gerol
District Attorney
Ozaukee County 


Sheriff Dale Schmidt
Washington County Sheriff


Sheriff Jack Theusch (dec)
Washington County


Judge Rebecca Dallet
County Circuit
Milwaukee County


Judge Ellen Brostrom
County Circuit Milwaukee


Mayor Doug Bade (ret)
West Bend, WI


Mayor Mike Miller (ret)
West Bend, WI


Mayor Don Pullman
Plymoth WI


Judge James Muelhbauer
Washington County


Judge James Porous
Circuit Court
Washington County


Alderman Jed Dolnick
Jackson WI


Dan Knodl
State Representative
District 24


Pat Strachota (Ret)
State Representative
District 58


Judge Steve Cain
Mid Moraine
Washington County


Judge Waddick (Ret)
Washington County


Senator Mary Panzer (Ret)
State Senator District 20


Judge Paul Reilly
Court of Appeals Dist 2
Waukesha County


Judge Kathleen Stilling
Waukesha County


Frank Liska


Jeff Stone
State Representative
District 82


Russell Stamper II
Milwaukee Supervisor
Milwaukee Alderman


Evan Goyke
State Representative
District 18


Judge John Grundahl
Mid Moraine
Washington County


Martin Matson
Milwaukee County


Joe Sanfelippo
State Representative
District 15


Glen Grothman
State Senator District 20
Congressman District 6


Senator Mary Lazich
State Senator District 28


West Bend School Ref (win)


Brian Dorow


Mike Doerr
Town of Waukesha, Supervisor


Kimberly Kane
Racine, Wisconsin


Judge Rebecca Bradley
Circuit Court, Milwaukee Cty


James Konowalski
Ozaukee County


Bob Gannon
State Representative
58th Assembly


Judge David Wambach
Circuit Court, Jefferson County


Judge Catherine Delahunt
Municipal Court
Sheboygan County


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Chris Haworth
Campaign Manager
Cell: 414-559-3001


Vicky Ostry


Vi Hammelman
Campaign Manager/Fundraiser

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