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Cognitive Marketing Analytics


Cognitive Marketing Analytics gives Pointer the scientific ability to determine how to design the very best marketing layouts. We’re now able to know how copy position and size make a difference, which colors are more effective, how large a picture should be, or in what sequence aspects of a marketing piece should appear.

What does that mean for you? This exciting, cutting edge marketing tool enables us to examine direct mail visuals and layouts subjecting them to these four tests:

  1. PET (Predictive Eye Travel). PET tells us where the human focus is on any given piece of mail, whether card, letter, brochure–any printed or digital piece of advertising.

  2. GPA (Gaze Plotting Analysis). GPA analysis give us a better understanding how long the human eye remains on each area of focus. A longer focus gives us a better idea of which visuals keep customer attention the longest.

  3. APA (Aesthetic Plotting Analysis). APA is the tool we use to help us understand the overall aesthetics of a layout or design on a scale of 1 to 100. We rate colorfulness, clarity and how well the visual elements are balanced.

  4. DPA (Duration Plotting Analysis). This final Cognitive Marketing Analytics tool tells us which segment of an advertising layout or design held the viewer’s attention the longest. Did they look more at the visuals than the headlines or copy? Which parts of the advertising did they skip over altogether?

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