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Pointer Marketing

We provide complete
Direct Marketing solutions...
working together to bring you a well run marketing machine. 

“Before incorporating the services and direction of Pointer Marketing, we spent our advertising dollars over a wide range of media sources, effectively spending much, but targeting little. We kept adding new media out of fear that we might miss a potential opportunity to speak to our customers. Our marketing was a mile wide and an inch deep.


After working with Pointer Marketing, our eyes have been opened to the power of target marketing. We can now confidently market to our business’ demographics using the most effective, proven methods that correlate directly to our customer demographic. We can now market to customers who are most likely to buy from us, and buy from us right now. Following their simple 5 step plan allows us to take the guess work out of our marketing efforts. Thanks for making Marketing “fun” again!


The long and the short:
By utilizing the expert consult from Pointer, we definitely have more “bang” for the buck in our marketing. In fact, with Pointer’s direction, we will reach our year-end sales goal 43% faster than we originally expected.”


Jay Johnson
Business Operations Director
Total Health Nutrition Center Menomonee Falls, WI

We are Direct Mail

Pointer Marketing


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